Humboldt German Chancellor Fellow and Nehru-Fullbright Fellow Shraddha Bhatawadekar write, ‘Heritage walks are an important experiential model for heritage education. These tours involve physically walking in the area, which allows for personal observations and offers several nuances of heritage sites in their original context.

This real-time experience is a strong motivator for creating emotional ties with the place, crucial for understanding the meaning and values associated with the heritage. At the same time, the challenges facing heritage also become apparent, thereby encouraging questions and concerns.

This engagement with heritage is the first important step towards promoting action for the protection and preservation of heritage. Especially in risk societies, where heritage is at a danger of being lost due to development and other such pressures arising out of globalization and modernization, fostering this association of people, especially of youth with heritage, can pave the way for its sustenance.

Believing in the soul of lines above Folkartopedia is designing a unique heritage walk project titled The Equatorials. The Equatorials will provide opportunities not only to privileged society but underprivileged and crafts societies also to explore other cultural legacies. The key idea behind The Equatorials is the cultural exchange program among the multi-disciplinary artists, craftspersons, and societies as well.