Meet the Masters: Bimla Dutta, Mithila painting

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Bimla Dutta CV
Bimla Dutta is one of the senior most Mithila painters in Madhubani, Bihar. She learnt painting from her mother, elder sister.

One of the living legends of Mithila paintings, Bimla Dutta is known for her line paintings on the traditional mythological subjects. Born on 26th June 1941, in Kako village of Madhubani district, Bihar, she learnt painting from her mother and elder sister. And now, she is practicing Mithila art for more than five decades and has develop a distinctive style. Though, in this video we are not discussing about her paintings but, you can have a glimpse of her art journey by now. Let’s meet the master.

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मिथिला चित्रकार विमला दत्त: एक परिचय


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Bimla Dutta: Legendary Mithila painter

Meet the Masters I Bimla Dutta, Madhubani Painting
Interviewee : Bimla Dutta, Madhubani artist
Interviewer : Sunil Kumar
Location : Ranti, Madhubani, Bihar
Recording : February 17, 2021

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