Art-Talk Series

The dialogue platform of Folkartopedia is OSARA.  In villages, Osara is the assembly space where all the family members, relatives and guests usually gather in the morning and discuss their life, and livelihood, share experiences, ideas for future or future plans. It is also the place where new relationship forms and continues for long life.

The concept of Folkartopedia monthly art talk program OSARA with folk artists comes from there. It will not only bring folk and contemporary art masters, teachers, artists, experts, art lovers, and appreciators to interact with each other but also give an opportunity to share their thoughts on their art expertise, their life experiences, and ideas, and about the impact and role of art and culture in society.

We will initiate the OSARA from the month of March and it will be held on the last Saturday evening of every alternate month, at the very soon opening space of Folkartopedia studio.

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