Dear Art Lovers, this year more than ever before, we need your help. Coronavirus pandemic has brought unique challenges for all of us. Independent art practitioners, researchers and organizations are the worst sufferer of pandemic. We appeal to you to contribute generously and make this effort, the Archives of Folk and Traditions art, a success.

About us

Folkartopedia; Archive of Folk Arts is an initiative of FoCarts India OPC Pvt. Ltd and Folkartopedia Foundation to create a space for critical engagement on traditional art, culture and heritage by promoting digital culture among art communities and common mass.

Founded in New Delhi in 2017, by Sunil Kumar, a journalist and cultural activist of Bihar, and now as a start-up project, recognized by Department of Industries, Government of Bihar in 2021, the prime goal of Folkartopedia is to develop 1st digital archives of folk, traditional and tribal arts of India and promote research and documentation in this field.

One of the main objectives of Folkartopedia is the audio-visual documentation of folk-art masters, artists, historians, and important personnel from various art fraternities to maintain a record of their art, culture, society, time-frame and other aspects of their life.

We have acquired many voices which are helpful in understanding the journey of art, artists and the community. However, with these documentations, we believe that the global society will have a better understanding of the socio-economic conditions and the creative mind of our folk artists and their subaltern societies. 

We usually ask, what is the necessity of documentation and archives of arts?

The answer is simple, what cultural heritage will we leave behind for our future generations in the absence of documented work? This is an important medium to maintain the continuity of our life, it is the manifestation of past in present, and a treasure for the future and Folkartopedia is just a small-medium in this effort.

  • Digital Archive: Composite archive of crafts and cultural heritages. 
  • Physical Library: A library on art and crafts and cultural traditions
  • Design Development: Development of motifs bank and new designs
  • Built Heritage: Local crafts museums, galleries, monuments etc.
  • Crafts Mapping: Mapping of crafts, market & support for marketability, and
  • Sustainable Development Programs: Art for Life programs with the help of private/public sector and promoting crafts tourism
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