The Folkartopedia invites partnership through project sponsorship and support i.e., Research and documentation, Oral History, Rural crafts center, Born digital, Connecting culture, Digital library, and others. Your partnership and support will also play a vital role in supporting the Archives with general operating and project-based funding through a variety of grant-making opportunities. In exchange for recognition and visibility, our partner’s help will sponsor special projects, programs, and events, including our annual benefit each year. We work with our partners to develop bespoke opportunities and provide exclusive ‘money can’t buy’ experiences.

You can partner with us by supporting the projects mentioned below, as an Individual, Foundation, Fund, Trust or Corporate to engage with the folk arts, culture, and traditions in India. Partnership opportunities are open for these projects:

  • Culture Digital
  • Living Libraries
  • Rural Crafts Centre
  • Connecting Culture
  • Share Heritage
  • Born Digital

Please do contact us if you consider becoming a partner with us as a; 
Corporate Support or  Corporate Patron 

Important note

Please note that Partnership is based upon full payment in advance, on mutual consent. It is neither refundable nor transferable. Categories, benefits, and prices are subject to change.

Contact Us

To fund our projects and become a partner, please connect us here: 9818-018-999  or
email us.


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Patron I Partnership I Heritage Leaders

Folkartopedia Heritage Leaders share our commitment to caring for and growing the traditional art and crafts collection and preserving traditional knowledge and skills for future generations. 

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