Heritage Leaders

Heritage helps us learn from the past as we progress to the future. Our ambitions for the future are bold and exciting; to transform lives through creativity, engage peoples’ aesthetic senses and ensure the longevity of the Folkartopedia archive for culturally rich present and future generations.

You can make a difference by becoming a Heritage Leader and supporting the Folkartopedia with a support contribution of $1,500 or ₹ 1,00,000 per annum or more over a three-year period. With this support contribution, you will directly contribute to a program area that is of personal interest to you.

No matter how you decide to help us, as a Heritage Leader, you become an integral part of the Folkartopedia family, receiving all regular benefits of individual membership, invitations to special events and programs, recognition in all publications, print and online, annual reports and on Folkartopedia website.

The levels of Heritage Leaders;

Join our hands today and your support will help us to fulfill our mission to uphold the legacy
of folk and traditional art, knowledge, and culture. Thank you. 

Important Note

Folkartopedia receive no revenue support from the government. Your support will help us to build and maintain our art archive and enrich our cultural treasure. The entire amount will go towards supporting the creating, exhibiting and debating of art at the Folkartopedia.

Way to join today

Download Heritage Leaders form below to become a Folkartopedia: Connecting Culture and Communities archives or contact Folkartopedia office at; 6203677877
or email here. 

Please note that memberships are not refundable or transferable. Categories and benefits are subject to change.


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