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Ann India is committed to the ethical collection, retention and use of information that you provide to us about yourself (“Personal Information”) on this Website

  1. When you sign up to receive e-mail newsletters from us;
  2. When you register for and participate in our programs, activities, initiatives, and events;
  3. When you request information or assistance;
  4. In conjunction with processing your various applications;
  5. In conjunction with your employment inquiries or applications;
  6. In conjunction with any verification of your account information;
  7. In conjunction with investigations into any activity that may violate the law or the Website’s terms and conditions;
  8. When you communicate with us through the Website’s contact us / feedback form;
  9. When you provide user generated content on any part of the Website that permits it; and
  10. In conjunction with any other place on the Website where you knowingly volunteer personal information. When you interact with any Folkartopedia page or account on a social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Vimeo, we may also collect the personal information that you make available to us on that page or through that account including your account ID or “handle.”


Your Personal Information may comprise the following:

  1. your name
  2. your occupation
  3. your email and mailing address
  4. your telephone number
  5. your payment processing details
  6. limited personal details
  7. any other data as Ann India may require


  1. Website Browsing: You browse the Website anonymously. We do not require you to identify yourself or reveal any Personal Information while browsing through the Website. However, you may not be able to access certain sections of the Website or interact with us without supplying us with Personal Information. For instance, you would not be able to transact at the Website or make any donations at the Website, without providing the Website with Personal Information. If you desire to register yourself at the Website, you would be required to provide your Personal Information.
  • While you are browsing through the Website, the Website’s operating system may automatically record some general information (“General Information”) about your visit such as:
  1. the date and time you visit the Website, along with the address of the previous website you were visiting, if you linked to us from another website
  2. the type of browser you are using (such as Internet Explorer version ‘X’) which ‘hit’ it is on the Website
  3. The General Information is not Personal Information. Ann India tracking system does not record personal information about individuals or link this information to any Personal Information collected from you.
  • The General Information is used by Ann India for statistical analysis, for tracking overall traffic patterns on the Website and to gauge the public interest in Ann India and the Website. Such General Information may be shared by Ann India with any person, at Ann India’s discretion.


  1. Personal information will be used by Ann India for internal purposes including the following:
  1. sending you online material such as emailers on fundraisers, events, grantee presentations, Folkartopedia Quarterly newsletter, support subscriptions, reminders for Friends of Folkartopedia renewal, regular updates on the utilization of support subscriptions and corpus funds and other updates and
  1. offline material such as promotional material, brochures, catalogues, Folkartopedia Annual Report, calendars and others.
  • Processing your support subscriptions and corpus to Folkartopedia and purchases of Folkartopedia articles on the Website.
  • Delivering Folkartopedia articles you have purchased on the Website /sending you receipt for supports subscriptions / contribution to corpus made by you to Folkartopedia / Ann India.
  • Maintaining an internal confidential database of all the Personal Information collected from visitors to the Website.
  • Evaluating and administering the Website and Folkartopedia activities, responding to any problems that may arise and gauging visitor trends on the Website.


  1. Within Folkartopedia / Ann India, access to Personal Information collected by Folkartopedia will be given only to those persons who are authorized by Ann India and third parties hired by Ann India to perform administrative services. Ann India will provide access to third parties for inter alia— entering and managing Personal Information in Ann India’s Database, processing your orders or supports, preparing address labels, sending emails, which require such third parties to have access to your Personal Information. Ann India cannot guarantee that such parties will keep your Personal Information confidential and Ann India will not be liable in any manner for any loss of confidentiality attributable to such third parties.
  • Ann India may share Personal Information with any of persons who are associated with the organization, including companies and non-governmental organisations affiliated with organization in any manner. Ann India will retain ownership rights over such information and will share only such portions of the Personal Information as it deems fit.
  • Ann India is not liable in any manner whatsoever for the loss, damage (whether direct, indirect, consequential or incidental) or harm caused to you by the misuse of your Personal Information by a third party who is not an employee of Folkartopedia / Ann India.
  • Notwithstanding anything contained herein or any other contract between you and Folkartopedia / Ann India, the organization reserves the right to disclose any Personal Information about you without notice or consent as needed to satisfy any requirement of law, regulation, legal request or legal investigation, to conduct investigations of breaches of law, to protect the Website, to protect the organization and its property, to fulfil your requests, to protect our visitors and other persons if required, by the policy of Folkartopedia / Ann India.


  1. Ann India endeavours to use up-to-date security measures to protect your Personal Information.
  • Ann India however does not make any express or implied warranty with respect to the security measures that it may employ from time to time for the protection of the Personal Information.


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