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The concept of OSARA Talks is to bring folk art masters and teachers, artists, experts, art lovers, and appreciators together to interact with each other and share their thoughts on their art expertise, life experiences and ideas, and about the impact and role of art and culture in our society.

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A quarterly public program that invites artists, art writers, critics historians, experts, appreciators of a wide range of disciplines to talk and discuss folk and traditional art, tribal art and contemporary art culture on an equal platform. The talk will be followed by an interactive Q&A session. Nothing is off-limits.

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Join us for a range of public happenings packed with activities to suit all ages and interests including art talks, panel discussions, film screenings, workshops for kids, and other events. Folkartopedia is going to host multiple public happenings in its studio.

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World Heritage Day Celebration
Screening of Art films and art talk
Venue: Upendra Maharthi Shilp Anusandhan Sansthan, Patna

Films on board
1. Naina Jogin: An Ascetic Eye
Director: Praveen Kumar
2. Sama In The Forest
Director: Carlos Gomez
3. The One Eared Elephant from Hazaribad
Director: Susanne Gupta

Past Events

Contemporary Connect lectures        2/4 
Contemporary Art in  Bihar / 1960 – 80
Speaker I Ajit Dube
Senior artist, Patna, Bihar 

Until the end of the fifties, Bihar had no interaction with national art movements but just in next two decades and by the end of eighties, the then young artists were exploring new avenues on national level and were getting  recognition. Here, a new term ‘Migration’ also comes in light. To have a concise picturesque, please join art talk with senior artist of Bihar, Ajit Dube.

Curator I Rawindra Das

In early 1980, young artists from Bihar started breaking zink thoughts of being unaffected from contemporary art practices in India and across the globe. In search of recognition and to add new dimensions in their art, they explored themselves and draw a very different line on national and international art sphere. How this transformation begins, join us to have a look with Director, Bodhgaya Biennale and senior art writer of Bihar, Vinay Kumar. 

Curator I Rawindra Das

Contemporary Connect lectures        4/4 Contemporary Art in  Bihar / Gen Z Speaker I Vikas Kumar 
Curator I Consultant & Educator

An overview on art practices by younger generation of artists of Bihar.

Curator I Rawindra Das

We have witnessed many notable deaths during the coronavirus pandemic. Among them, there were many artists. Nobody knows, who is the next. So, let us come and pray for them together, and take a walk down memory lane.

Contemporary Connect lectures        1/4
Contemporary Art in  Bihar /
Early Chapters
Speaker I Suman Singh
Senior artist, Art writer & Journalist

When we think of contemporary art, what does it mean actually for Bihar art scene, where is the opening mark and who were the early artists? There are many questions we have to deal with, especially on the account of it’s early chapters. 

Curator I Rawindra Das