MIAMI BEACH, FL - DECEMBER 05: Felt collages by Jody Paulsen of South Africa presented smac Gallery at Untitled Art Fair during Art Basel Miami Beach on December 05, 2017 in Miami, United States. (Photo by Sean Drakes/Getty Images)

Corporate Patrons

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When you become our Corporate Patron, you join a community of culturally-minded businesses that provide significant broad-based support to our folk and traditional art and crafts sector. 

You are our most valuable financial support. Your support will give us the strength to our ability to secure research and documentation projects, art and crafts exhibitions, folk and tribal art and crafts library programs, e-learning and educational programs and fairs and festivals. 

In return for aligning your business with our cultural mission, your business enjoys prominent recognition on our platforms and events. You, your employees and clients also become our special guests at exclusive cultural events of folkartopedia. 

We invite you to become our Corporate Patron. All of our Corporate Patrons will be eligible for discounted opportunities – we can offer you on-site branding opportunities, lead generation and thought leadership opportunities.

We value all Corporate Patrons who partner and support cultural organizations and enterprises on their various initiatives for the larger society. Some of our initiatives are in the following directions; 

  • Culture Digital
  • Rural Crafts Centre
  • Connecting Culture
  • Share Heritage
  • Crafts Fellowship

There are more. Contact us today, we would love to meet and discuss multiple possibilities. 

Thank you. 

Important note

Please note that Partnership is based upon full payment in advance, on mutual consent. It is neither refundable nor transferable.

Categories, benefits, and prices are subject to change.

Contact Us

To fund our projects and become a partner, please connect us here: 

9818-018-999  I  Send an email.


Corporate Patron Brochure
Corporate Patron Form